How To Arrange Your Kid’s Wardrobe

Is it about time to declutter that mess in your kid’s wardrobe? Here are some great tips you should read on.

Make a list and double check

Instead of the just going through the clothes your kid already has and deciding whether each item of clothe should stay or not, it is more practical to just come up with a list with the items that should definitely be in the wardrobe. If you think something does not fit on the list, maybe it should not stay. however, starting out the list with at least a basic idea of what is currently in your baby’s closet is a more effective idea than blindly making a list and forgetting easily missed items the likes of swimsuits, comfortable kids robes and even sports gear.

Pick the essentials only

You might need your kid’s opinion on this one. Talk to your young one about decluttering his or her wardrobe and give the idea that you need to get rid of the annoying and unwanted clothes. Go ahead and talk to your kid about donating the extra clothes. You can keep a few pairs of pants for each season as necessary and donate the rest.

Arrange for functionality

Things means you have to pack the things according to their frequency of usage. You can keep the less used seasonal clothes at the back of the closet and keep things like your baby’s toweling bathrobe within easy reach as well. The sports gear can also be kept in a hard to reach place. This means that you have the chance to pack the usually worn clothe items at the front of the closet. This way, your kid would not have to ruffle through the entire wardrobe looking for things.

Come up with a map

You can also come up with a map if you think your child would forget which went where. Make it interactive and make it with the baby. This way you can help you kid keep the clutter inside the wardrobe to a minimum in the future as well.

Color code too

Choose a way to color code the clothes as well. You can go by the shades of the clothing as well. Chances are that there are many multicolored clothe items since kids love to look vibrant. You can go ahead and color code these according to a standard color palette. You also have the option to choose the color palate according to a rainbow. This is your chance to get creative and there is nothing wrong with putting in a little fun effort to the job. You can make it a weekend activity with your child.