Styling Your Pre-teen Daughter

Your daughter is growing up right before your eyes! Seems like just yesterday when you first cradled her in your arms and swore to protect her with all your might! She’s blossoming into a gorgeous young girl and you want her to feel as beautiful and wonderful as you know she is.Shopping for pre-teens can be difficult. Children these days are very fashion conscious. They want to keep up with trends to fit in with the other kids and be in the cool cliques. When peer pressured kids can be very demanding of what they want. Set a budget and explain to your daughter why and how she should stick to the afore mentioned price range.

Take her shopping and ask the consultants about the most popular and flattering styles of tween dresses within your set budget. Ask your daughter her style preferences and let her have her pick out of what she can afford. Have her organize her closet either by color of style so that she can decide on what she has to wear every time she opens her closet and does not feel like she has “nothing to wear”.Pre-teen girls can feel insecure and embarrassed about their growing bodies, help your daughter feel better about her problem areas. Try various styles to find what she is most comfortable in.

There are so many to choose from. If she feels insecure about her armpits for an example it’s best to find her outfits with sleeves rather than having her fidgeting with spaghetti straps and feeling uncomfortable.There are going to be important events up ahead. All of which require memorable attire. From communion dresses to prom outfits. It will be quite the battle to decide on a dress. The key things to remember when shopping with your pre-teen daughter is to stick to the budget, and to find an outfit that what works on her body, is trendy, covers her problem areas and that she feels confident in. She might be a little testy when trying on outfits because it’s frustrating when you don’t feel beautiful or things don’t fit. Be as patient and as nurturing as you can be.

Beauty comes from deep within but in this day and age of social media even young girls feel like they have to reach a certain standard of beauty. Children can be very harsh. If your daughter feels like she is being bullied into wearing or not wearing something by her peers, it’s important to have sit her down and have a talk. Explain to her that a good sense of fashion not always what is on trend but rather a combination of what looks good on your body and you feel confident in.