Types Of Jewellery That Could Dress You Up

You are attending your graduation, what kind of accessories do you think you will wear to that day? The answer will depend on the country you are a part of, since I am from a more Asian background we are supposed to wear a saree to the graduation and ideally, we may not dress it up with a lot of accessories but my sister on the other hand graduated in another country. So her outfit was a casual dress and since it was quite simple, she decided to do a bit of a rich necklace to enhance the outfit look. So when you wear something for an occasion, you will have to know the kind of setting you will have to be a part of, the weather and then decide what will suit the situation. If you are going for a pool party, you may ideally not want to do a lot of jewellery or rather do some Bohemian accessories online to get a cooler and casual look.

So how do you really decide what kind of jewellery you can use to make the outfit look fancier or simpler? First thing to note is that what is the outfit you are planning to wear; if you are thinking of wearing a really rich or outfit that has a lot of colour or designs going around, then probably you will have to go a little low on other jewellery and items. One of the biggest mistakes most girls do is going heavy on make-up, strong on the outfit plus the accessories which actually make you look way off the hook.If you look up a boho clothing online store you will have an idea of what casual means the type of accessories they wear on the tops they have on sale.

There can be quite colourful outfits which might look casual but you have to really figure out whether to keep it with no jewellery on. If your outfit takes a plain or single tone with no much crazy work or design going on, then you can always dress it up with some nice necklace or a big earring. Another thing what people do is to put a huge necklace with the same matching big earring which again makes you look too much on the look.

For those who want to dress it up but still look quite on the casual edge, then you should choose one place that you can go heavy on. If it’s your neck, then avoid doing something crazy on your ears. It’s true there are jewellery sets with all matching pieces but that doesn’t necessarily mean you need to wear all of them unless your outfit is extremely plain and the accessories are also quite small. These are some of the ways you can dress up your outfits and still stay simple or casual.